How ArjunGuna is Beneficial in the Treatment of Heart Disease and Stress?

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The stress is the major factor nowadays in people lives. The heart is the major victim of stress. It is also major organ of the human body, which pumps the blood in the whole body with the help of the circulatory system. It also spread the required nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and erases the carbon dioxide with other wastes.

In today’s lifestyle, it’s difficult to maintain good health for your heart. We are always taxing heart with physical as well as mental stress. If we are not managing stress, we are inviting trouble for us. So, there is dire need of broad-spectrum medicine which deals with physical as well as emotional stress. We at Botany Bay herbs have come with an Ayurvedic medicine which just fits the above description of heart patient. Arjunguna an ayurvedic medicine not only takes care of those who are suffering from any heart disease but also has capacity to make your heart healthy using Power of Ayurveda. This product is not only for heart disease, it also prevents the health of your heart.

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Ayurveda always represents a heart in two hearts, first one is the physical heart, which performs the function of a pump in the body, and the second one is the emotional heart, which can experience the feeling of happiness and sorrows, etc.

There are two sub doshas in Ayurveda i.e prana-vata from mental overload and sadhaka pitta from emotional trauma. Because of the unhealthy lifestyle and less physical activity and intake of unhealthy food can increase the level of heart disease. Ayurvedic treatments for healthy health, include diet changes, yoga, pranayama, and some herbal preparations.

Heart Loves Arjunguna

In Ayurveda, ArjunGuna is the most beneficial medicine for heart disease or making heart-healthy. There are no side effects of this medicine, which can help you to maintain blood pressure in the body and decrease the stress level. It also reduces the high cholesterol level in the human body.

ArjunGuna helps to improve the function of the heart by strengthens and tones the heart muscles. Its combination of three-time tested herbs Terminalia arjuna, Boerhavia diffusa and Eclipta alba. In addition to bringing down heart inflammation it also takes care of your liver and kidneys. This way your body is building a support system necessary to unload heart. There are a few benefits of Arjunguna in Heart disease.

No Side Effects

Allopathic treatments can cause many side effects on heart disease. Continuous usage of these drugs can increase the side effects more and make the condition of the patient worst. In these cases, ayurvedic treatments are best because of safety.

Long-Lasting Results

Ayurvedic treatments provide long-lasting results to the patients. research shows that ayurvedic treatment for the heart is not only effective, but it is more sustainable.

Easy Access

Treatment of heart disease in allopathic is very expensive to the patients. Not everybody can afford that treatment, and sometimes it is not available to every location. So, ayurvedic medicines are easily available in the market, and everybody can use it.

Better Overall Health

Ayurvedic treatment for heart includes the therapies that improve the cardiac function. It also helps to improve overall health by reducing heart problems. It can use along with allopathic medicines based on the condition of a person. If you are thinking to start ayurvedic medicine, then first consult with the experts, he will provide you complete diet plan along with medicines.

Dr. Amaneesh Saini (BAMS, MD-A.M)
Dr. Amaneesh Saini (BAMS, MD-A.M)
Dr. Amaneesh Saini dedicated his life to studying Ayurveda. One of the extraordinary results of this was developing a deep insight on how herbs work in synergy to support health of all living organisms.

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