Drinking Water with meals – the myth and the truth
Drinking Water with meals – the myth and the truth
March 6, 2019
Coronavirus prevention- an Ayurvedic perspective
Coronavirus Prevention – An Ayurvedic Perspective
March 31, 2020

Ayurveda is the science of life which is based on Tridosha principle about the intelligent understanding by the then existing great man who contributed to the vast & superior knowledge at that time. But there is a difference of time & observations today. In order to remain relevant in modern times we have to link Ayurveda wisdom to the existing knowledge available today.  Today its clear that food or herbs have direct impact on health through increasing various neurotransmitters. Our Tridoshas can be clearly linked to three major organs in the body. Let us go in detail a little bit on Tridosha & our health. First, let us understand the role of Vata.

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VATA – As clearly it is nervous system present in body. Its major site in human body is intestines especially large intestine. Vata is responsible for the proper functioning of large intestines. In intestinal epithelium, Vata or nervous tissue is a potential mediator of intestinal water & electrolyte transport. The Laxative effect of herbs is already used herbs work through increasing the absorption of fluids and electrolytes which were not absorbed by intestines previously. The herbs which increase the calcium absorption influence Vata pathway. The basic three pathways are Vata, pitta and Kapha. For the whole body to work at its peak all the three Pathways have to look together not independently as has been happened in past.

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PITTA:- Pitta is normally the heat production of the human body. It could be clear;y linked to liver or gall bladder. From the modern view, it could be related to Dopamine. It is a common observation that cold explosure has positive effect on dopamine levels. When the human body is challenged by cold heat production happens through dopamine only. Dopamine has been clearly shown to enhance hepatic function. Recent research on herbs shows that many herbs dopamine levels and are already used in Parkinson disease.

KAPHA:- Kaph is the cold element or mucus. Modern findings indicate that under heat stress serotonin levels rise. Under severe dengue fever, serotnin level rises. It is also known that exposure to sunlight also raises serotonin levels. Under similar conditions, Dopamine levels decrease. Hence it is clear that kaph is serotonin which is produced under heat stress to protect the organism. The herbs that increase serotonin can help to regulate this third dosha or element. Like increasing kaph serotonin excess also leads to vasoconstriction of heart, arteries and muscles.

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Now after understanding the three pathways from now perspective we now must understand the integrative approach. In order for the human body to remain healthy, all the three pathways have to be addressed in a holistic way i.e when we are treating through herbs any disease all the three pathways should be covered in medicine otherwise the body will always be found reacting to one herb. In traditional Ayurveda, there are combinations which probably work through these two or three pathways which are superior to use of single herb which is prone to reaction by body. The three pathways, when activated at a single dose or time, reduces the side effect or reaction of human organism. On the contrary, organism feels satisfied and happy. This is totally a new angle in Ayurveda that this type of combination will take care of many aspects of health in addition to the disease treated. More possible benefits of this approach are underlined.

  1. Gastrointestinal System:- This system is regulated in a normal way. No separate medicine needs to be given to the patients. The patient starts improving from day one. As soon as his bowel clearance starts becoming normal his appetite and food absorption is improved. Every time a patient takes medicine after the meal. The meal is digested and absorbed properly.
  2. Anti Depressant effect:- As the medicine contains herb which regulates serotonin levels there is no need to give separate antidepressants to patients. The disease also brings their own depression which can be checked by this holistic approach.
  3. Future Mental Diseases:- Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease,schizophrenia-like Mental diseases can be kept at bay by this medicine as these diseases are linked to neurotransmitters in some way or the other.
  4. Other hidden diseases: It normally takes a long time to develop a disease inside the human body. Sometimes tridoshas remain imbalanced for years and then manifest suddenly. If we are balancing tridosha on daily basis there is less chance of sudden emergency happening in human body. All  systems are constantly working at best like cardiovascular, immune system, respiratory system, excretory system and reproductive system    

After understanding the above facts What is then the right action for human body?

For Human body to work at its best Food or medicine should include elements to stimulate all the three Pathways holistically at single time. It is the only action acknowledged by human body without showing any side effects. Diseases are nothing but only long term reactions shown by the body in the form of symptoms. It can’t tell us because of absence of language but it expresses its acceptance or rejection through symptoms only. If there is no reaction there is the criteria for right action done. You are as good as your last meal. This just shows the importance of food. Whatever you have eaten last time makes up your coming time e.g if you have eaten meal which is high in dopamine it will start producing heat in body and symptoms of pitta increase will develop until the next meal. Now in next meal if unfortunately again the diet is high in dopamine that will certainly develop symptoms of Pitta increase.

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So if we have certain minimum level of Kaph which pacifies pitta in the same meal then he would be saved. The third factor Vata is also very important  because certain minimum level of vata elements are also required otherwise there would be constipation and the situation will become complex . So the holistic meal stands for a meal which contains elements which stimulates all the three doshas or pathways in particular ratio.All our remedies are based on this holistic concept that all three doshas should be balanced in a single dose.

Dr. Amaneesh Saini (BAMS, MD-A.M)
Dr. Amaneesh Saini (BAMS, MD-A.M)
Dr. Amaneesh Saini dedicated his life to studying Ayurveda. One of the extraordinary results of this was developing a deep insight on how herbs work in synergy to support health of all living organisms.

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